Discount Drugs

What Are Discount Drug Cards and How to Use Them

The volatile nature of prescription medication prices has been the topic of numerous discussions in the past few decades. Special interest groups, federal and state commissions and panels, pharmaceutical conglomerates and petitions of end users have all been involved in these discussions to varying degrees, and yet the results do not include a more comprehensive and easily understood system of drug pricing. On the contrary, great discrepancies in the prices of some of the most needed prescription medications continue to cause headaches and cost entire budgets for millions of Americans every year. A new layer of complexity is recently being added through the spread of discount drug cards, both legitimate and hardly so. Let us analyze this relatively new phenomenon to avoid a few common errors and ensure that the gem is found in the multitude of these cards.

Asking questions is the best way to go

There is nothing wrong with asking questions about a product or service you or someone you know is potentially interested in. This is also true about discount drug cards. While it is tempting to make your first question related to the amount of discounts you can receive with the card in question, your initial question should, in fact, go for the source of this discount instead. Namely, how is it possible for the provider of this prescription medication discount card to drop prices and offer great deals? If the provider is hesitant to provide this information or it is nowhere to be found in their materials, it is very likely that by signing up for this particular card you are limiting your choices to only the products of a specific store chain or medications manufacturer. The promise of across the board discounts would thus not be realized.

Continue asking questions to get to the points that matter

Once you have established the origins of the great savings that the discount drug card is purporting to offer, find out what you would need to do in order to qualify for these discounts. Is there a registration fee? Do they check your insurance coverage? Do you need to provide a lot of personal information? What other purposes would this information be used for? All of these are questions that need to be clarified before you sign up for anything. Importantly, if you are uncomfortable with going into so much detail to receive the discount drug card, you now have options that do not require registration or enrollment of any kind. It is likely that the organizations offering discount drug cards using this approach would soon be recognized more in the industry as being fair, accessible and simply honest with Americans about the service they provide.

Do not take anything for granted

An average American would spend about a thousand dollars on prescription medications in a year. This is one of the reasons why researching your options is important. Discount drug cards have been a path an increasing number of people have taken over the past years, and the presence of more straightforward and accessible providers of these services now makes it a more logical and painless step. Health is not something to save money on, but why you spend extra on medications when there are simple ways of reducing the costs and putting these funds to better use?